Prison Outreach

Program Structure

In the past, the program schedule consisted of one 1-2 hour evening workshop per month which covered various topics. Some of them are listed below:

Session 1: Introduction to Hustlers Anonymous 

Session 2: Entrepreneurship

Covers steps to setting up your own business/corporation (IRS Requirements, Licensing, Financing, etc.)

Session 3: Dealing with Trauma

Session 4: Managing a Budget

Session 5: Homelessness (practical means to survive)

Session 6: Career Development (overcoming the stigma of a rap sheet)

Session 7: Vision boarding session

In the future, we may add additional topics of interest to the participants and based on demand. Still, we do generally keep the meeting agenda flexible to accommodate the most pertinent needs of those that are present. Thus, although each session starts off with a structured presentation, it is shortly followed by an open discussion/counseling session and concluded with a word of prayer for the group.

Organization History & Description

Hustlers Anonymous started off in Miami, FL as just a website similar to Craigslist. I had just graduated from college and trying to make ends meat by starting my own business. So Hustlers Anonymous was a place where I could sell stuff like motorcycles, college books, jewelry, etc. eventually, it grew into more as I started getting enquiries about counseling material and other such support programs. Given my keen desire to minister to others, and the calling to preach on my life, this company naturally evolved into what it is now: a non-profit entrepreneurial and business counseling organization primarily catering to those aiming to get out of the street life.

I've written about my life and transition to adulthood as well as modern day translations of the book of John. All material is available free of charge; however, we do accept voluntary donations.

Our company started as a branch of our brother and sister companies, Quickest Services (handy man services), GFNS Productions (music, books, and movies), and eventually grew to include more entrepreneurial pursuits. We offer services similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, namely: a place where hustlers can come together to share ideas and encouragement so that we can all avoid the pitfalls that plague the urban culture. There are currently several pilot group meetings taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily at the San Bruno Prison, and San Francisco County Jail. However, the primary outlet to convey information and discuss topics is currently this website and the phone number listed below if one seeks personal advice and counsel. 

Previously, we’ve worked with Sisters Program ( a part of Healthright 360, formally Walden house), which provides substance abuse groups and behavioral modification for women. They work inside SF county jail to bring in guest speakers weekly from the community. They have NA, AA, and CMA (Christian Motorcycle/Ministry Association) who have come in and the volunteers have run the meeting the same as if they would on the outside.  The volunteer tells their story then opens the floor up for the ladies in the pod to tell their stories or ask questions. Most volunteers come in with material they can provide the clients with such as meeting locations or other written material pertaining to the group.

The latter program was going through a transition phase with plans to start up again at the beginning of 2020 at which point it was met with an indefinite pause relating to the COVID pandemic. Since that time, I have relocated back to South Florida in hopes of one day attempting to kick off another chapter in my local community; thus, I do hope to resume this ministry in the near future Lord willing.

Over the years, we’ve helped support the start up of several other independent groups around the United States. We are a very small organization and although their are different groups taking place around the United States, there is a lack of communication between them.

* Youngstown, OH

* Rhode Island, NY

* Charleston, SC

* Kintock in Bridgeton NJ.

* Dickson, TN

* Department of Corrections | SCI Dallas , PA

* Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania

* Las Vegas, NV

* Pennsylvania (Harrisburg)

We also acts prison pen pals and send support literature and other materials/encouragement to currently incarcerated individuals who request such items.

Products / Services

Hustlers Anonymous has expertise in:

* Career Consultation

* Resume & Cover Letter Proof Reading

* Human Resources Consultation

* Website Design

* Christian Counseling

* Entrepreneurship development

& Many More Services.

All our services are supported by voluntary contributions, so please click the link below if you would like to make a donation.  Our revolutionary business model is patterned after the words of Jesus, who said, "You've received freely, so give freely." (Matthew 10:8) Please note: we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime, in our discretion, except on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. In all, may this website be the first step in many on your path to economic freedom, and peace of mind.

For a free counseling session, please call us Toll Free:

1-855-YAHWEH-7 (924-9347) Ext 1